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List of publications on South African private international law as from 2020

LIST OF PUBLICATIONS ON SOUTH AFRICAN PRIVATE INTERNATIONAL LAW AS FROM 2020 Adams “Choice of Islamic law in the context of the wider lex mercatoria: an express choice of non-State law in contract” 2021 Journal of South African Law 59. Adams “The UCP as a choice of non-State law in international commercial contracts” 2022 Potchefstroom […]

Second edition of Einhorn’s PIL in Israel

A few weeks ago the second edition of Talia Einhorn’s Private International Law in Israel was published by Wolters Kluwer Law & Business (www.kluwerlaw.com; ISBN 9789041145888). The second edition is a wholly updated and expanded version of the first, which appeared in 2009. While the first edition comprised of 393 pages, the second edition runs […]

New edition standard textbook on modern Roman-Dutch private international law

The fifth edition of Christopher Forsyth’s Private International Law. The Modern Roman-Dutch Law, including the Jurisdiction of the High Courts (2012) appeared recently. The author is professor of public law and private international law at the University of Cambridge. This work is the standard textbook on the private international law applicable in South Africa and […]

Thirty-one publications on South African private international law 2008-2011

Bennett and Kopke “Characterization and ‘gap’ in the conflict of laws” 2008 South African Law Journal 62 Eiselen “Goodbye arrest ad fundandam. Hello forum non conveniens?” 2008 TSAR 794 Harder “Statutes of limitation between classification and renvoi: Australian and South African approaches compared” 2011 ICLQ 659 Neels “Falconbridge in Africa” 2008 Journal of Private International […]

Nebraskan defamation law to be challenged under the South African Constitution

The recent decision of the Eastern Cape High Court in Grahamstown (South Africa) in Burchell v Anglin 2010 3 SA 48 (ECG) deals with cross-border defamation in a commercial context. The plaintiff (who runs a game reserve and a hunting safari business in the vicinity of Grahamstown) alleged that the defendant made defamatory statements about […]

Security for claim and costs in action of incola against peregrinus

In a recently published judgment of the High Court of South Africa, Cape Provincial Division (Silvercraft Helicopters (Switzerland) v Zonnekus Mansions 2009 (5) SA 602)), the Court had to deal with the question whether, in terms of the common law, an order for security for the claim, or only for costs, was to be made […]

PIL conference @ UJ

The final programme for the PIL conference at the University of Johannesburg, 8-11 Sept 09, is now available at www.uj.ac.za/law.