20th IEAF Call for Papers: Evolution or Revolution of European Insolvency Law


The organisers of the 2024 edition of the INSOL Europe Academic Forum kindly shared with us the following call for papers. Please note the deadline for submission is 1 March 2024:

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From Theory to Practice in Private International Law: Gedächtnisschrift for Professor Jonathan Fitchen

Written by Justin Borg-Barthet, Katarina Trimmings, Burcu Yüksel Ripley and Patricia Živkovic

Note: This post is also available via the blog of the European Association of Private International Law.

When our colleague and friend Prof Jonathan Fitchen passed away on 22nd January 2021, we were comforted in our grief by an outpouring of messages of condolence from private international lawyers around the world. We had known, of course, of the impact and importance of Jonathan’s work to the world of private international law scholarship. His monograph on authentic instruments, for example, will remain an essential reference on that subject for many years to come. Jonathan’s impact on the world of private international law scholars was, to a degree, less obvious. He was an unassuming man. He did not seek to command the attention of every gathering he attended, and he might have been surprised to realise how often he did just that. He was tremendously well-liked and well-respected for his wit, his self-deprecating sense of humour, and his empathy.

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Virtual Workshop (in English) on March 5: Marta Pertegás Sender on Current Developments in Cross-Border Enforcement of Patent Rights: Revisiting Territoriality and Reflexive Effect?

On Tuesday, March 5, 2024, the Hamburg Max Planck Institute will host its 42nd monthly virtual workshop Current Research in Private International Law at 11:00-12:30 (CET). Marta Pertegás Sender (Maastricht University and University of Antwerp) will speak, in English, about the topic

Current Developments in Cross-Border Enforcement of Patent Rights: Revisiting Territoriality and Reflexive Effect?

The CJEU preliminary ruling in BSH Hausgeräte Case C-339/22 is eagerly awaited by those involved or interested in cross-border enforcement of patent rights. The forthcoming judgment may have broader repercussions for the position of territoriality in international litigation on intellectual property rights or for the private international law of property more generally.

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EAPIL Wroclaw Conference 2024: Private International Law and Global Crises

We are please to announce that registration for the  next bi-annual conference of the European Association of Private International Law (EAPIL) is now open!

The conference will take place in Wroclaw (Poland) from 6 to 8 June 2024 and will be devoted to “Private International Law and Global Crises”. Topics to be discussed will include the interplay of private international law and 1) war and armed conflicts, 2)  the rule of law, 3) climate change and 4) global supply chains. Speakers will be:

  • Raffaele Sabato (European Court of Human Rights)
  • Vincent Kronenberger (Court of Justice of the European Union)
  • Andreas Stein (European Commission)
  • Patrick Kinsch (University of Luxembourg)
  • Veronica Ruiz Abou-Nigm (University of Edinburgh)
  • Iryna Dikovska (Taras Shevchenko National University Kyiv)
  • Tamasz Szabados (ELTE Eötvös Loránd University)
  • Alex Mills (University College London)
  • Matthias Weller (University of Bonn)
  • Eduardo Alvarez Armas (Universidad Pontificia Comillas)
  • Olivera Boskovic (Université Paris Cité)
  • Rui Dias (University of Coimbra)
  • Klaas Eller (University of Amsterdam)
  • Laura Carpaneto (University of Genova)

To register for the conference please click here.

For questions, please get in touch with the local organizer, Agnieszka-Frackowiak-Adamska, at 2024.EAPIL.Wroclaw@uwr.edu.pl.


European responses to global crises: Call for submissions for DynamInt Doctoral Conference 2024

The annual DynamInt Doctoral Conference will be held in Amsterdam on 28th and 29th August 2024 and is co-organised by the Graduate School DynamInt (Humboldt University of Berlin) and the Amsterdam Law School (University of Amsterdam). It takes place in the context of the European Law School’s Summer Academy. We invite early career researchers (doctoral and postdoctoral) working in European Union law to come together and to discuss responses to the most pressing crises currently facing the European Union, its Member states, and citizens. Within the framework of the three topics outlined below, participants may present their work and engage in discussion with fellow scholars. In addition, Faculty specialised in EU, international, and comparative law will give in-depth feedback on the contributions submitted prior to the conference.

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Rivista di diritto internazionale privato e processuale (RDIPP) No 4/2023: Abstracts

The fourth issue of 2023 of the Rivista di diritto internazionale privato e processuale (RDIPP, published by CEDAM) was just released. It features:

Cristina Campiglio, Professor at the University of Pavia, Giurisdizione e legge applicabile in materia di responsabilità medica (ovvero a proposito di conflitti di qualificazioni) [Jurisdiction and Applicable Law in Matters of Medical Liability (Namely, on the Issue of Conflicts of Characterisation); in Italian]

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Extended Deadline: Symposium and Special Issue on Private International Law and Sustainable Development in Asia

The United Nations Agenda 2030 with its 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) seems to have a blind spot for the role of private and private international law. That blind spot is beginning to be closed. A collective volume with global outlook published in 2021 addressed “the private side of transforming our world”: each of the 17 SDGs was discussed in one chapter of the book devoted to the specific relevance of private law and private international law. In 2022, the IACL-ASADIP conference in Asunción, Paraguay discussed sustainable private international law with regard to Latin America; the contributions published in 2023 in a special issue of the University of Brasilia Law Journal – Direito.UnB., V.7., N.3 (2023).

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CJEU, Case C-566/22, Inkreal v. Dúha reality: Choice of another Member State’s court in an otherwise purely domestic case is sufficient to apply Art. 25 Brussels Ibis Regulation

In its judgment of 8 February 2024, the CJEU had to decide whether “the application of the Brussels Ibis Regulation be based solely on the fact that two parties with their seat in the same Member State agree on the jurisdiction of courts of another EU Member State.”

The case concerned two loans granted to Dúha reality, a Slovak company, by a third party also domiciled in Slovakia, in 2016 and 2017 respectively. Both loan contracts contained an identical choice of forum clause stating that any ‘dispute shall be settled by a court of the Czech Republic having substantive and territorial jurisdiction’. In 2021, the receivables arising from those loan agreements were assigned to Inkreal, another purely Slovak business corporation, who upon non-payment by the debtor brought action in the Czech Republic. Seeking, inter alia, to determine the specific Czech court having territorial jurisdiction, the Czech Supreme Court (Nejvyšší soud) referred the question to the CJEU.

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First Issue for Lloyd’s Maritime and Commercial Law Quarterly in 2024

The first issue for Lloyd’s Maritime and Commercial Law Quarterly in 2024 was published recently. It contains the following articles and case notes.


Andrew Dickinson, “Electronic trade documents and the conflict of laws in the United Kingdom”

The Electronic Trade Documents Act 2023, which entered into force on 20 September 2023, seeks to facilitate the use of trade documents (including bills of exchange, promissory notes and bills of lading) in electronic form by assimilating these instruments, and their legal effects, to the equivalent paper trade documents, provided that the systems used to process the relevant information meet certain technological requirements. However, the Act contains no provision that expressly addresses the legislation’s cross-border dimension or its relationship to the United Kingdom’s conflict of laws rules. This article considers how these matters should best be addressed in order to secure the Act’s promised economic benefits.

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Just published: De los retos a las oportunidades en el derecho de familia y sucesiones internacional. (2023). Tirant lo Blanch – open access

This book brings together the contributions made at the 6th AEPDIRI Seminar on current issues in Private International Law, held at the Faculty of Law of the University of Seville, which was entitled “De los retos a las oportunidades en el derecho de familia y sucesiones internacional” (From challenges to opportunities in international family and succession law), Campuzano Díaz, B., Diago Diago, P., Rodríguez Vázquez, Mª.A. (dirs.). An English translation of the blurb is provided by the directors:

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