Foreign law in the Draft Code of French Private International Law: New volume in French

Gustavo Cerqueira and Hugues Fulchiron have recently edited a new volume (in French) on the appliation of foreign law in the draft code of French private international law (Le droit étranger dans le projet de code de droit international privé – Connaissance et applicationdroit). They have kindly provided us with the following English summary:


On the occasion of the public consultation on the draft code of French private international law launched by the Ministry of Justice on 8 June 2022, the Société de législation comparée organized a debate in Paris on 13 September of the same year on the provisions relating to the knowledge and application of foreign law – Articles 13 and 14 of the draft.

Between consolidation of case law, methodological clarification, new procedural perspectives and recourse to institutional cooperation, the choices made by the drafters of the proposed Code offered a great opportunity for collective reflection, bringing together the key players in the field. This reflection was all the timelier given that these provisions were not given particular attention either in the explanatory memorandum to the draft code or in the commentaries on the draft code by academic writers.

The purpose of this book is therefore to bring to public debate the most salient issues relating to this often-neglected chapter of conflict of laws, while at the same time putting forward singular proposals to ensure that the content of foreign law in France is established as accurate as possible.

In recent years, the Société de législation comparée has taken an interest in the issue of understanding and applying foreign law. Through this new initiative, the Société works to enhance French private international law, in line with the goals set out in Article 1 of its Articles of Association.

Authors: Jean-Pierre Ancel, Gustavo Cerqueira, Nicolas Cornu Thénard, Sophie Couvez, Dominique Foussard, Hugues Fulchiron, Lukas Heckendorn Urscheler, Alice Meier-Bourdeau, Marie-Laure Niboyet, Sylvaine Poillot-Peruzzetto, Cyril Roth, Bernard Stirn.

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Certificat de coutume: New volume in French

Gustavo Cerqueira, Nicolas Nord, and Cyril Nourissat have recently edited a new volume on the “Certificat de coutume – Pratiques en droit des affaires internationales” (in French). The editors have kindly provided us with an English translation of the blurb available on the publisher’s website:
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Seminar series Crossroads in Private International Law

The Centre for Private international Law of the University of Aberdeen’s Law School is continuing this year its series on Crossroads in Private International Law.

The aim of the series is to explore the intersection between Private International Law and substantive areas of law, with the outcome of featuring cutting edge interdisciplinary research carried out by the Centre members.

The format is hybrid, with presentations and room for discussion.  Find out more and register for the individual events here; and sign up for selected seminars of for the entire series here.

EAPIL Winter School in European Private International Law (12–16 Feb 2024 in Como, Italy)

In cooperation with the Department of Law, Economics and Cultures of the University of Insubria (Italy), the Law Faculty of the University of Murcia (Spain) and the Law Faculty of the Jagiellonian University in Kraków (Poland), the European Association for Private International Law (EAPIL) has created a Winter School in European Private International Law.

The School’s inaugural session will take place from 12 to 16 February 2024 at the University of Insubria, in the cloister of the Basilica di Sant’Abbondio in Como, Italy. It will dedicated to the topic of ‘Personal Status and Family Relationships’. More information on the programme, which has been put together by Silvia Marino (University of Insubria), Javier Carrascosa González (University of Murcia), and Anna Wysocka-Bar (Jagiellonian University in Kraków), can be found on the official flyer. More information on the registration process can also be found here.

The organisers are also offering a teaser seminar on 4 December 2023, at 6pm (Italian time), which can be joined here.

Rivista di diritto internazionale privato e processuale (RDIPP) No 3/2023: Abstracts

The third issue of 2023 of the Rivista di diritto internazionale privato e processuale (RDIPP, published by CEDAM) was just released. It features:

Pietro Franzina, Professor at the Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, Un nuovo diritto internazionale privato della protezione degli adulti: le proposte della Commissione europea e gli sviluppi attesi in Italia (A New Private International Law on the Protection of Adults: The European Commission’s Proposals and the Developments Anticipated in Italy; in Italian)

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New issue alert: RabelsZ 87 (2023), Issue 3

The latest issue of RabelsZ has just been released. It contans the following articles:

Horatia Muir Watt: Alterity in the Conflict of Laws. An Ontology of the In-Between
[18th Ernst Rabel Lecture, 2022] [OPEN ACCESS], 433–464, DOI: 10.1628/rabelsz-2023-0063

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New Book Releases: “Private International Law and Competition Litigation in a Global Context” & “Third Party Funding in International Arbitration”

Two books on international litigation and arbitration have recently been published that might be of interest to the CoL Community and PIL research.

The first book by Mihail Danov (University of Exeter) is the latest contribution to Hart’s renowned “Studies in Private International Law” series (Volume 37) and examines the challenging interaction of “Private International Law and Competition Litigation in a Global Context“. The blurb reads as follows:

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Journal du Droit International Clunet – issue 2023/3

The third issue of the Journal du Droit international-Clunet of 2023 was released in July. It contains three articles and many case notes.

The first article Regard québécois sur le projet de Code de droit international privé français (A view from Quebec on the project of a french private international law Code) is authored by Prof. Sylvette Guillemard (Université Laval). The abstract reads as follows:

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PhD Studentship in Private International Law at University College London

Written by Ugljesa Grusic, Associate Professor at University College London, Faculty of Laws

Dr Ugljesa Grusic and Prof Alex Mills are pleased to announce that, alongside the UCL Faculty of Laws Research Scholarships which are open to all research areas, this year we have an additional scholarship specifically for doctoral research in private international law. The scholarship covers the cost of tuition fees (home status fees) and provides a maintenance stipend per annum for full time study at the standard UKRI rate. The annual stipend for 2023/24 (as a guide) was £20,622. The recipient of the scholarship will be expected to contribute to teaching private international law in the Faculty for up to 6 hours per week on average, and this work is remunerated in addition to the stipend received for the scholarship.

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