Way Out West? Understanding The CISG’s Application in Australia

In 2009, Associate Professor Lisa Spagnolo observed – based upon her census of Australia’s CISG case law at that time – that the Convention was effectively ‘in the Australian legal outback’. For those unfamiliar with Australia’s geography, most of its population is concentrated on the continent’s eastern coast. Australia’s outback extends, amongst other places, across much of Western Australia. With that geographic imagery in mind, one might not be surprised to hear that a recent decision of the County Court of Victoria – in Australia’s east – overlooked the Vienna Sales Convention’s application.

Abu Dhabi Supreme Court on the Applicability of Law on Civil Marriage to Foreign Muslims

I. Introduction Recent developments in the field of family law in the UAE, in particular the adoption of the so-called “Civil Marriage Laws”, have aroused interest, admiration, curiosity, and even doubt and critics among scholars and practitioners of family law, comparative law and private international law around the world.

Advocate General in Case Mirin (C-4/23): Refusal of recognition of a new gender identity legally obtained in another Member State violates the freedom of movement and residence of EU citizens

The following case note has been kindly provided by Dr. Samuel Vuattoux-Bock, LL.M. (Kiel), University of Freiburg (Germany).   On May 7, 2024, Advocate General Jean Richard de la Tour delivered his


Revue Critique de droit international privé – issue 2023/4

Written by Hadrien Pauchard (assistant researcher at Sciences Po Law School) The fourth issue of the Revue critique de droit International privé of 2023 (available

Academic Position Paper on the Reform of the Brussels Ibis Regulation available on SSRN

Burkhard Hess and his team at the University of Vienna recently finalised an Academic Position Paper on the Reform on the Brussels Ibis Regulation, which is

Nygh Essay Prize in Private International Law

The Australian Branch of the International Law Association is now calling for submissions for the 2024 Nygh Essay Prize in Private International Law.