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Judicial Application of the 1980 HCCH Convention in Morocco

The question of the accession (or reluctance to accede) of Muslim countries to the 1980 HCCH Convention has attracted the interest of scholars from Muslim countries and abroad. Scholars who have addressed this issue have come to different (sometimes contradictory) conclusions, especially when it comes to the influence of classical Islamic rules and principles on […]

Same-sex relationships concluded abroad in Namibia – Between (Limited) Judicial Recognition and Legislative Rejection

There is no doubt that the issue of same-sex marriage is highly controversial. This is true for both liberal and conservative societies, especially when the same-sex union to be formed involves parties from different countries. Liberal societies may be tempted to open up access to same-sex marriage to all, especially when their citizens are involved […]

Upcoming Event: International Symposium (hybrid format) on International Arbitration and Mediation in Japan

The Ministry of Justice of Japan (MOJ), Civil Affairs Bureau, in cooperation with the Japan Commercial Arbitration Association (JCAA) and supported by CIArb East Asia Branch, Japan Association of Arbitration (JAA), Japan International Dispute Resolution Center (JIDRC), is organizing an international symposium (hybrid format) on the “Future Prospects of International Arbitration and Mediation: How does […]