Roundtable: Private international law and global trends, Zagreb, 22 January


The Croatian Academy of Science and Art organises the roundtable titled “Private international law and global trends“, which will be held on Monday, 22 January 2024, at 11 h, in the premises of the Faculty of Law in Zagreb in Cirilometodska street, 4 (due to ongoing renovation of the Academy’s building which suffered damage in the earthquake of 2020, as visible in the photo when expanded). Attendance is open to all, but your intention to join should be communicated to Ms. Muhek at

The programme includes the following topics:
Prof. Dr. Ines Medic, University of Split, Faculty of Law
Challenges of globalization of private international law for national judiciary

Prof. Dr. Ivana Kunda, University of Rijeka, Faculty of Law
Have frontier digital technologies surpassed the boundaries of private international law?

Prof. Dr. Mirela Zupan, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Paula Poretti, Jura Golub, University of J. J. Strossmayer in Osijek, Faculty of Law
Foreign public documents in the digital age

Asst. Prof. Dr. Danijela Vrbljanac, University of Rijeka, Faculty of Law
Breach of personal data in private international law

Asst. Prof. Dr. Tena Hosko, University of Zagreb, Faculty of Law
Protection of workers in private international law

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Dora Zgrabljic Rotar, University of Zagreb, Faculty of Law
The effect of the Hague Judgments Convention of 2019 on the recognition and enforcement of foreign court decisions in the Republic of Croatia

The proceeds from the conference will be edited by Prof. Dr. Mirela Zupan and published in a book within the series Modernisation of Law whose general editor is Academy Member Prof. Dr. Jakša Barbic.