Research Handbook on EU Private International Law

A new Research Handbook on EU Private International Law, within the Edward Elgar Research Handbooks in European Law series  has just been published. It is edited by Peter Stone, Professor and Youseph Farah, Lecturer, School of Law, University of Essex, UK.

It contains the following contributions:

1. Internet Transactions and Activities
Peter Stone
2. A Step in the Right Direction! Critical Assessment of Forum Selection Agreements under the Revised Brussels I: A Comparative Analysis with US Law
Youseph Farah and Anil Yilmaz-Vastardis

3. Fairy is Back – Have you got your Wand Ready?
Hong-Lin Yu

4. Frustrated of the Interface between Court Litigation and Arbitration? Don’t Blame it on Brussels I! Finding Reason in the Decision of West Tankers, and the Recast Brussels I
Youseph Farah and Sara Hourani

5. Does Size Matter? A Comparative Study of Jurisdictional Rules Applicable to Domestic and Community Intellectual Property Rights
Edouard Treppoz

6. Article 4 of the Rome I Regulation on the Applicable Law in the Absence of Choice – Methodological Analysis, Considerations
Gülin Güneysu-Güngör

7. International Sales of Goods and Rome I Regulation”
Indira Carr

8. The Rome I Regulation and the Relevance of Non-State Law”
Olugbenga Bamodu

9. The Interaction between Rome I and Mandatory EU Private Rules – EPIL and EPL: Communicating Vessels?
Xandra E. Kramer

10. Choice of Law for Tort Claims”
Peter Stone

11. Defamation and Privacy and the Rome II Regulation
David Kenny and Liz Heffernan

12. Corporate Domicile and Residence
Marios Koutsias

More information is available on the publisher’s website.