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Foreign State Immunity in Australia

The High Court of Australia has rejected Garuda’s appeal against the finding that it was not immune from Australian jurisdiction as a “separate entity” of a foreign state, namely Indonesia. The case arose from a proceeding brought by the Australian competition regulator (the ACCC) over alleged price-fixing in the air freight market to and from […]

Comity and Overseas Witnesses in Australia

An interesting recent decision of the Full Court of the Federal Court of Australia, Joyce v Sunland Waterfront (BVI) Ltd [2011] FCAFC 95, considers the role of comity and the interrelationship of public and private international law in the context of taking testimony from a witness outside the court’s territorial jurisdiction. The issue arose in […]

Strike Out for Breach of Anti-Suit Injunction

What are the options open to a plaintiff where a foreign defendant, who files an appearance and a defence, subsequently commences and continues foreign proceedings in breach of an anti-suit injunction, where the defendant has no assets in the jurisdiction?  That was the circumstance that confronted the plaintiffs in the Supreme Court of Victoria in […]

Foreign Law and Public Policy in Australia

A recent case in the Supreme Court of Victoria provides a good opportunity to point out the new statutory provisions in the State of Victoria for the proof of foreign law, and to discuss the public policy reasons for the non-enforcement of foreign law. Paradise Enterprises Inc v Kakavas [2010] VSC 25 (16 February 2010) […]

Recent Australian Journal Articles

Martin Davies, ‘Reflections on the Past Decade of Transnational Litigation’ (2009) 10 Melbourne Journal of International Law 46 The brief article begins: The past decade of transnational litigation has seen a consolidation of the trend towards disputes about venue. Increasingly, transnational litigation takes the form of a battle about where the battle is to be […]

Substance and Procedure: The Statute of Frauds in Australia

A recent decision of the Western Australian Court of Appeal is apparently the first Australian decision to address the correctness of the decision in Leroux v Brown (1852) 12 CB 801; 138 ER 1119 after the High Court of Australia’s decision in John Pfeiffer Pty Ltd v Rogerson (2000) 203 CLR 503, which adopted a […]

Dirty Dancing and Stays of Proceedings

A recent judgment of the NSW Supreme Court is as noteworthy for its name and subject-matter as it is for the legal principles involved; namely stay of proceedings on the basis of a foreign exclusive jurisdiction clause.