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Australian Lawyers and Overseas Clients

An interesting and unusual case before the State Administrative Tribunal of Western Australia contains a significant discussion of the professional obligations of Australian lawyers—especially regarding confidentiality and privilege—while representing overseas clients. In so doing, the Tribunal considered, among other things, (1) the extra-territorial legislative and regulatory competence of the State of Western Australia, (2) the […]

Inconsistent State Laws in Australia

Australian commentators have long speculated about whether the federal Constitution contains any rule that would resolve a direct conflict between the statute law of two States. Thus far, the High Court has defused potential conflicts without the need for such a constitutional rule. In John Pfeiffer Pty Ltd v Rogerson

Proof of Foreign Law in Australia

In Australia, as in England, foreign law is treated as a matter of fact, not law, and its content must therefore be pleaded and proved if a party wishes to rely on it. On the other hand, the principle traditionally known as the “presumption of similarity” (or “presumption identity”) means that foreign law will be […]

Cross-border Insolvency in New Zealand

An article in the latest Insolvency Law Journal addresses reforms to cross-border insolvency in New Zealand, including recent legislation on that subject: David Brown, ‘Law Reform in New Zealand: Towards a Trans-Tasman Insolvency Law?’ (2007) 15 Insolvency Law Journal 148. The Insolvency (Cross-border) Act 2006 (NZ) can be viewed