EP Paper on future of European Private International Law


In a workshop of the European Parliament’s JURI Committee on Upcoming issues of EU Law, that took place on 24th September, papers were presented on five selected topics: the application of EU Law (Wolfgang Heusel), the implementation of EU law (Marta Ballesteros), European private international law (Xandra Kramer), intellectual property law (Lionel Bently and Alfred Radauer) and regulating robotics (Andrea Bertolini and Erica Palmerini).The workshop focused on work that has been accomplished in the past and challenges for the current legislature (2014-2019). The compilation of papers is available here.

For those readers only interested in private international law, the paper entitled European private international law: the way forward, is also available here.

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  1. Maciej Lewandowski says:

    and EUCJ contribution to the delimitation of EU exclusive competence, delivered in its Opinion 1/13 “The exclusive competence of the European Union encompasses the acceptance of the accession of a third State to the Convention on the civil aspects of international child abduction concluded in The Hague on 25 October 1980”

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