Collective Efforts


A new book focussing on legislation promoting cr0ss-border collective redress has been published by Oxford University Press. Edited by Duncan Fairgrieve and Eva Lein, both of the British Institute for International and Comparative Law, Extraterritorality and Collective Redress brings together analysis of the subject by contributors on both sides of the Atlantic. The long, and impressive, list of authors and topics under discussion is as follows:

Part I: Collective Redress Mechanisms in a Comparative Perspective

1: Diego Corapi: Class Actions and Collective Actions 2: Duncan Fairgrieve and Geraint Howells: Collective Redress Procedures: European Debates 3: John Sorabji: Collective Action Reform in England and Wales 4: Ianika Tzankova and Hélène van Lith: Class Actions and Class Settlements Going Global: An Update from the Netherlands 5: Alexander Layton QC: Collective Redress: Policy Objectives and Practical Problems

Part II: Private International Law and Collective Redress

6: Burkhard Hess: A Coherent Approach to European Collective Redress: 7: Horatia Muir-Watt: The Trouble with Cross-Border Collective Redress: Issues and Difficulties 8: Eva Lein: Cross-Border Collective Redress and Jurisdiction under Brussels I: A Mismatch 9: Justine N Stefanelli: Parallel Litigation and Cross-Border Collective Actions under the Brussels I Framework: Lessons from Abroad 10: Duncan Fairgrieve: The Impact of the Brussels I Enforcement and Recognition Rules on Collective Actions 11: Astrid Stadler: Conflicts of Laws in Multinational Collective Actions: a Judicial Nightmare? 12: Andrea Pinna : Extra-territoriality of Evidence Gathering in US Class Action Proceedings 13: Catherine Kessedjian: The ILA Rio Resolution on Transnational Group Actions 14: Rachael Mulheron: The Requirement for Foreign Class Members to Opt-in to an English Class Action

Part III: Reception of Foreign Collective Redress and Punitive Damages Decisions in National Jurisdictions

15: Francesco Quarta: Foreign Punitive Damages Decisions and Class Actions in Italy 16: John P Brown: Certifying International Class Actions in Canada 17: Marta Requejo Isidro and Marta Otero Crespo: Collective Redress in Spain: Recognition and Enforcement of Class Action Judgments and Class Settlements

Part IV: Extraterritoriality and US Law

18: Thomas A Dubbs: Morrison v. National Australia Bank: The US Supreme Court Limits Collective Redress for Securities Fraud 19: Linda Silberman: Morrison v. National Australia Bank : Implications for Global Securities Class Actions 20: Adam Johnson: Morrison v. National Australia Bank: Foreign Securities and the Jurisdiction to Prescribe 21: Vincent Smith: ‘Bridging the Gap’: Contrasting Effects of US Supreme Court Territorial Restraint on European Collective Claims 22: Wolf-Georg Ringe and Alexander Hellgardt: Transnational Issuer Liability after the Financial Crisis: Seeking a Coherent Choice of Law Standard

Congratulations to Eva, Duncan and the other contributors.