European Commission: Area of Freedom, Security and Justice serving the Citizen


The communication from the Commission to the European Parliament and the Council titled “An area of freedom, security and justice serving the citizen” (COM(2009) 262 final) mentioned already in one of our previous posts, is now available.

Of particular interest might be the following passages envisaging a communitarisation of choice of law rules in the field of company law:

The regulation of business law would help oil the wheels of the internal market. A variety of measures could be considered here: common rules determining the law applicable to matters of company law, insurance contracts and the transfer of claims, and the convergence of
national rules on insolvency procedures for banks. (p. 15)

Further efforts are needed to harmonise rules on the law applicable to insurance contracts and
company law. (p. 31)

Many thanks to Andrew Dickinson and Jan von Hein for the tip-off!

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  1. Andrew Dickinson says:

    In an impressive show of transparency (as is to be expected from the Swedish Government, which has long supported those claiming access to documents from Community institutions), up to date drafts of the Stockholm Programme are available on the Presidency website:

    In the meeting yesterday of the JHA Council, it appears that significant progress was made towards concluding the final version:

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