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Some readers of this site may be interested in the following:

 Vaughan Black, “The Hague Choice of Court Convention” (2006) 6 Canadian International Lawyer 181-195 (an account of the proposed treaty’s principal provisions and discussion of differences with existing Canadian law)

 Elizabeth Edinger, “New British Columbia Legislation: The Court Jurisdiction and Proceedings Transfer Act; The Enforcement of Canadian Judgments and Decrees Act” (2006) 39 U.B.C.L. Rev. 407-421 (review of the main provisions of two provincal statutes that codify, but also change, the law on jurisdiction and on recognition and enforcement)

Richard Frimpong Oppong, “Enforcing Foreign Non-Money Judgments: An Examination of Some Recent Developments in Canada and Beyond” (2006) 39 U.B.C.L. Rev. 257-286 (focuses on the Court of Appeal decision in Pro Swing but also advances general arguments and comparative analysis)

Janet Walker, “Castillo v. Castillo: Closing the Barn Door” (2006) 43 C.B.L.J. 487-500 (analysis of Supreme Court of Canada decision on choice of law and limitation periods)

I cannot provide links to these, but at least some should be available through various on-line subscription sites.

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  1. Antonin I. Pribetic says:

    The U.B.C.L. Rev. articles are available online through Lexis/Nexis-Quicklaw. The Canadian International Lawyer article is available only in hard copy to members of the Canadian Bar Association-International Law Sections. The C.B.L.J. (published by Canada Law Book) does not provide for online access.

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