Rome II Regulation Adopted


After the adoption by the Council in the session of 28 June, the joint text of the Rome II Regulation has been approved on 10 July 2007 by the plenary session of the European Parliament, in a vote by a show of hands on the legislative resolution attached to the Report prepared by Diana Wallis (the debate held in the EP’s session is available here: it is worth mentioning that the Rapporteur and other MEPs consider the text agreed upon in the conciliation stage as “an initial roadmap”, stressing the importance of the review clause and of the studies that shall be submitted by the Commission on the matters that were set aside in the conciliation stage).

The Rome II Regulation, after the signing of the Presidents of the Council and of the Parliament, will be soon published in the Official Journal.

It will enter into force on the twentieth day following its publication in the O.J., and will apply, to events giving rise to damage occurred after its entry into force (Art. 31), from 18 months after the date of its adoption (Art. 32).