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The University of Lyon III will host the conference “La circulation des personnes et de leur statut dans un monde globalisé” on 11 and 12 October 2018.

Call for Papers: Cynical International Law?

The Working Group of Young Scholars in Public International Law and the German Society of International Law are pleased to invite the submission of papers for a conference on

Cynical International Law?
Abuse and Circumvention in Public and Private International Law as well as European Law

Contractual Issues in Private International Law Conference

Dear Colleague,

We are pleased to invite you to attend the Contractual Issues in Private International Law Conference to be hosted by the University of Marmara, School of Law, Department of Private International Law, Sultanahmet campus in the European side of Istanbul, Turkey on the 11th October 2018.
If you need any further information about the conference, please follow the link below:

In April 2018  the European Commission presented a proposal for a directive amending Directive 2017/1132 relating to certain aspects of company law as regards cross-border conversions, mergers and divisions (COM(2018) 241 final).

In July 2018 a group of professors of the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (Autonomous University of Barcelona) drew up a document to comment on some aspects of the proposal.

Space of Flows and the Law – A seminar in Nice

On 25 October 2018, the University of Nice will host a seminar titled Space of Flows and the Law.

The event, part of a series of doctoral workshops on Multidisciplinary and Comparative Approaches to Globalization Phenomena, aims to discuss the idea of “flow space” and its possible relevance to the understanding of complex phenomena relating to globalization and transnational movement.

The result of the 2016 Brexit referendum was not only a political shock, but also and foremost a symbolic turning point in the history of the EU. The United Kingdom’s foreseen withdrawal from the Union has given rise to many political, legal, economic and social debates.

On 16 and 17 November 2018, the University of Innsbruck will host a conference on the Regulations on matrimonial property and on the property consequences of registered partnerships which will enter into force on 29 January 2019. The conference, organised by Stefan Arnold (University of Münster) and Simon Laimer (University of Innsbruck), aims to discuss the new rules and their implications for the further development of the law.

Correction: Call for posters Pathways to Civil Justice

The call as posted last week contained an error – the deadline for submission of the poster is not 1 October, but 1 November. My apologies. Find the correct text below.

Call for posters Pathways to Civil Justice

The conference Challenge Accepted! Exploring Pathways to Civil Justice in Europe will take place at Erasmus School of Law on 19-20 November. You are invited to join us and young researchers are reminded to send in their poster. The deadline is 1 November.

Job Vacancy at the University of Amsterdam

The Centre for the Study of European Contract Law of the University of Amsterdam is offering a PhD position in the field of private law (including private international law). Interested parties can formulate their own research proposal which has to be submitted before 1 October 2018. More information can be found here.