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Choice of Law in the American Courts in 2023

The thirty-seventh annual survey on choice of law in the American courts is now available on SSRN. The survey covers significant cases decided in 2023 on choice of law, party autonomy, extraterritoriality, international human rights, foreign sovereign immunity, adjudicative jurisdiction, and the recognition and enforcement of foreign judgments. So, on this leap day, we thought we would leap into the new month by looking back at the old year.

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Call For Papers: Second Postgraduate Law Conference of the Centre for Private International Law

The Centre for Private International Law (CPIL) of the University of Aberdeen is announcing its 2nd Postgraduate Law Conference of the Centre for Private International Law, which will take place online on 6 May 2024. Researchers are invited to submit abstracts by 29 February.

The Conference aims to provide young scholars with the opportunity to present their research before panels with relevant expertise and receive valuable feedback for further development of their work.

It has four panels, respectively on international family law, civil and commercial law, artificial intelligence and human rights linked to private international law.

For more information, please see the Centre’s website.

From Theory to Practice in Private International Law: Gedächtnisschrift for Professor Jonathan Fitchen

Written by Justin Borg-Barthet, Katarina Trimmings, Burcu Yüksel Ripley and Patricia Živkovic

Note: This post is also available via the blog of the European Association of Private International Law.

When our colleague and friend Prof Jonathan Fitchen passed away on 22nd January 2021, we were comforted in our grief by an outpouring of messages of condolence from private international lawyers around the world. We had known, of course, of the impact and importance of Jonathan’s work to the world of private international law scholarship. His monograph on authentic instruments, for example, will remain an essential reference on that subject for many years to come. Jonathan’s impact on the world of private international law scholars was, to a degree, less obvious. He was an unassuming man. He did not seek to command the attention of every gathering he attended, and he might have been surprised to realise how often he did just that. He was tremendously well-liked and well-respected for his wit, his self-deprecating sense of humour, and his empathy.

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EAPIL Wroclaw Conference 2024: Private International Law and Global Crises

We are please to announce that registration for the  next bi-annual conference of the European Association of Private International Law (EAPIL) is now open!

The conference will take place in Wroclaw (Poland) from 6 to 8 June 2024 and will be devoted to “Private International Law and Global Crises”. Topics to be discussed will include the interplay of private international law and 1) war and armed conflicts, 2)  the rule of law, 3) climate change and 4) global supply chains. Speakers will be:

  • Raffaele Sabato (European Court of Human Rights)
  • Vincent Kronenberger (Court of Justice of the European Union)
  • Andreas Stein (European Commission)
  • Patrick Kinsch (University of Luxembourg)
  • Veronica Ruiz Abou-Nigm (University of Edinburgh)
  • Iryna Dikovska (Taras Shevchenko National University Kyiv)
  • Tamasz Szabados (ELTE Eötvös Loránd University)
  • Alex Mills (University College London)
  • Matthias Weller (University of Bonn)
  • Eduardo Alvarez Armas (Universidad Pontificia Comillas)
  • Olivera Boskovic (Université Paris Cité)
  • Rui Dias (University of Coimbra)
  • Klaas Eller (University of Amsterdam)
  • Laura Carpaneto (University of Genova)

To register for the conference please click here.

For questions, please get in touch with the local organizer, Agnieszka-Frackowiak-Adamska, at 2024.EAPIL.Wroclaw@uwr.edu.pl.


The Inter-American Court of Human Rights: first judgment on international child abduction

Guest post by Janaína Albuquerque, International Lawyer and Mediator

The Inter-American Court of Human Rights (IACtHR) has just published their first ever judgment on an international child abduction case in Córdoba v. Paraguay, which concerns the illicit removal of a child who was habitually resident in Argentina. The applicant and left-behind parent, Mr. Arnaldo Javier Córdoba, claimed that Paraguay violated his human rights by failing to enforce the return order and ensuring the maintenance of contact with his son. At the time of the abduction, the child was about to reach 2 years of age and the taking parent relocated, without the father’s consent, to Paraguay.

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Italian Society of International Law’s XVI Annual Meeting (Catania, 23-24 June 2011)

The Italian Society of International Law (Società Italiana di Diritto Internazionale – SIDI) will open today its XVI Annual Meeting at the University of Catania (23-24 June 2011). The conference is devoted to “Protection of Human Rights and International Law” (“La tutela dei diritti umani e il diritto internazionale”).

In the morning of Friday, 24 June, the meeting will be structured in three parallel sessions, respectively dealing with the topic in a public international law, private international law and international economic law perspective (see the complete programme here). Here’s the programme of the PIL session:

Morning session (Friday 24 June 2011, 9:30) – Private International Law and Human Rights

Chair and introductory remarks: Angelo Davì (Univ. of Rome “Sapienza”)

  • Patrick Kinsch (Univ. du Luxembourg – Secrétaire du GEDIP): Droits de l’homme et reconnaissance internationale des situations juridiques personnelles et familiales;
  • Cristina Campiglio (Univ. of Pavia): Identità culturale, diritti umani e diritto internazionale privato;
  • Francesco Salerno (Univ. of Ferrara): Competenza giurisdizionale, riconoscimento delle decisioni e diritto all’equo processo;
  • Nadina Foggetti (Univ. of Bari): Riconoscibilità del matrimonio islamico temporaneo (Mut’a) e tutela dei diritti umani;
  • Fabrizio Marongiu Buonaiuti (Univ. of Rome “Sapienza”), La tutela del diritto di accesso alla giustizia e della parità delle armi tra i litiganti nella proposta di revisione del regolamento n. 44/2001.

The concluding session of the meeting, in the afternoon of Friday, 24 June (16:00), will host a round table on “International Courts and International Protection of Human Rights”, chaired by Luigi Condorelli (Univ. of Florence), with Flavia Lattanzi (ICTY), Paolo Mengozzi (ECJ), Tullio Treves (ITLOS) and Abdulqawi Yusuf (ICJ).