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Five research positions Erasmus School of Law

School of Law (Erasmus University Rotterdam) is recruiting five researchers (two postdocs, two PhDs and one parttime associate/endowed/full professor) for the research project Affordable Access to Justice: towards sustainable cost and funding mechanisms for civil litigation in Europe.  This five year project is funded by the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO), and led by […]

Access to justice in times of corona

Access to justice in times of corona When COVID-19 makes the case for greater digitalisation of justice* Written by Emma van Gelder, Xandra Kramer and Erlis Themeli, with thanks to Elisabetta Silvestri (University of Pavia), Georgia Antonopoulou, Alexandre Biard and Betül Kas (Erasmus University Rotterdam, ERC-Co project ‘

International Business Courts – open access book

International Business Courts: A European and Global Perspective  (eds. Xandra Kramer & John Sorabji), Eleven International Publishing 2019. Following our previous post announcing the publication of a special issues of Erasmus Law Review on International Business Courts (

Cross-Border Enforcement in the EU (“IC2BE”) – programme workshop Netherlands 14 November

Workshop: Application of the “Second Generation” Regulations in The Netherlands The Erasmus School of Law (Erasmus University Rotterdam, the Netherlands) will host a second national workshop on Thursday, 14 November 2019 from 9.30-13.00 hrs, in the framework of the research project “Informed Choices in Cross-Border Enforcement” (IC2BE) (see our first