Entries by Veronika Gaertner

German Federal Supreme Court affirms Jurisdiction based on Art. 5 Nr. 1 Brussels Convention with regard to Claims based on Prize Notifications

The German Federal Supreme Court had to deal with the legal qualification of prize notifications, i.e. communications which are sent to consumers and give the impression that the consumer has won a particular prize, in its judgment of 1st December 2005 (III ZR 191/03). The Court held that jurisdiction concerning a claim based on a […]

Conference in Germany: Recent Developments in Private International Law

From 9th to 10th November a conference will take place at the Academy of European Law (ERA) in Trier, Germany where recent developments in private international law will be presented.  Here are the areas which will be discussed: Legal and Practical Consequences of Landmark ECJ Decisions (e.g. Lugano Convention Opinion (1/03); Owusu) The European Enforcement […]