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Belgian Empirical Study on Cross Border Family Law

A book version of a PhD recently defended at the University of Ghent (Belgium) has just been published. The author, Ms Jinske Verhellen, has endeavored to examine how well the Code of Private International law, adopted in Belgium in 2004, has fared in practice. More precisely, the research sought to find out whether the objectives […]

When Rome meets Greece: could Rome I help the Greek debt restructuring?

Among all the buzz about a possible (but much feared) ‘Grexit’, there are two elements in the story of the Greek debt restructuring (diplomatically called ‘Private Sector Involvement‘) which should be of interest for conflict lawyers. First the fact that the governing law of the Greek bonds was one of the central issues in the […]

Belgian Court Recognizes Californian Surrogacy

In the case of the two men who had contracted with a woman living in California in a case of international surrogate motherhood, a Court of Appeal has recently issued its ruling, reversing in part the decision of the lower court (Court of Appeal of Liège, 1st Chamber, ruling of 6 September 2010, docket No […]

Belgian Judgment on Surrogate Motherhood

A lower court sitting in Belgium has recently been faced with a case of international surrogate motherhood. Two men married in Belgium had contracted with a woman living in California, who gave birth to twins in December 2008. One of the men was the biological father of the twins. In accordance with the laws of […]

Immunity of Foreign Central Banks Assets in Belgium

Patrick Wautelet is a professor of law at the University of Liège (Belgium). Belgium has recently adopted a specific legislation granting immunity of enforcement to assets held by foreign central banks and international monetary institutions, such as the World Bank. The Act of 24 July 2008 provides that no attachment can be performed on assets, […]