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EU Council reach political agreement on Rome II

The EU Council, with Estonia and Latvia entering reservations, have reached a political agreement on the Regulation applicable to non-contractual obligations ("Rome II"). The press release from the 2725th Council Meeting can be downloaded

Overseas Treatment for NHS Patients

"Overseas Treatment for NHS Patients" by Cara Guthrie (Outer Temple Chambers) and Hannah Volpe (Bevan Brittan LLP) Journal of Personal Injury Law J.P.I. Law (2006) No.1 Pages 12-20. The article considers the legal position of patients and NHS trusts in the event of a clinical negligence action arising from substandard medical treatment received outside the […]

Andromeda Marine SA v OW Bunker & Trading A/S

ANDROMEDA MARINE SA v OW BUNKER & TRADING A/S [2006] EWHC 777 (Comm) The question before the High Court was whether it could be said that a party had clearly and precisely accepted a jurisdiction clause for the purposes of the Brussels Convention 1968 Art.17 when the purpose of the proceedings was to deny that it was […]

Dornoch & Ors v Mauritius Union Assurance

DORNOCH LTD & ORS v (1) MAURITIUS UNION ASSURANCE CO LTD (2) MAURITIUS COMMERCIAL BANK LTD [2006] EWCA Civ 389 The question before the court was whether reinsurers had a good arguable case that a reinsurance contract did not contain a Mauritian jurisdiction clause and accordingly England was the appropriate forum for the trial of proceedings relating […]

ICLQ Articles on Private International Law

The current issue of the ICLQ contains two articles relating to private international law. 1) L. Merrett, "The Enforcement of Jurisdiction Agreements within the Brussels Regime" (2006) 2 ICLQ 315-336. (

Lecture: “Rome I: The Law Applicable to Contractual Obligations”

“Rome I: The Law Applicable to Contractual Obligations” Date: 26th April 2006 Chair: The Rt Hon Lady Justice Arden DBE Speakers: Andrew Dickinson, Consultant, Clifford Chance; Honorary Fellow, British Institute of International & Comparative Law Professor Jonathan Harris, University of Birmingham Oliver Parker, Department for Constitutional Affairs Jacob van de Velden, British Institute of International […]