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Conference: Eurolanguage in Private International Law

The Conference “Eurolanguage in Private International Law. Legislating, translating and  applying”, which will take place next June 14 in Tarragona, is an interdisciplinary forum for lawyers and scholars in the field of private international law, comparative law and private law to establish fruitful discussions with scholars and practitioners in the areas of legal language and translation, […]

Draft Withdrawal Agreement, Continued

It is not quite orthodox to follow on oneself’s post, but I decided to make it as a short answer to some emails I got since yesterday. I do not know why Article 63 has not been agreed upon, although if I had to bet I would say: too complicated a provision. There is much too […]

Cuadernos de Derecho Transnacional, vol. 10

Cuadernos de Derecho Transnacional, vol. 10, nr. 1, has just been released. Cuadernos publishes research papers on private international law, uniform law and comparative private law twice a year (March and October). The journal accepts manuscripts in all main European languages (to submit a paper click

Capital Markets Union: Proposal on Assignment of Claims

On March 12th, the Commission has issued a proposal on the law applicable to third party effects of assignments of claims. The main purpose of the proposed regulation would be to supplement Art 14 of the Rome I Regulation, which is silent on the proprietary effects of assignments. The main rule under the proposal is […]