ERA Summer Courses: Cross-Border Insolvency Proceedings and Cross-Border Civil Litigation


ERA Summer course on cross-border insolvency proceedings

Trier, 11-13 June 2018

This intensive course on insolvency law will introduce lawyers to practical aspects of cross-border insolvency proceedings: different national insolvency laws, EU legislation and major CJEU case law will be presented.

The course will focus on the recast EU Regulation No 2015/848 on insolvency proceedings, including the following key topics:

  • Centre of main interest (COMI) and forum shopping
  • Coordination of proceedings
  • Insolvency, cross-border security and rights in rem

Following an introduction to different insolvency law systems within the EU, participants will discuss the recent proposal for a Directive on insolvency and post-Brexit implications for insolvency and restructuring. Participants will be able to deepen their knowledge through case studies and workshops.

Cross-border civil litigation: summer course

Trier, 2-6 July 2018

“How do I recover money owed to me by my business partner residing abroad?” This is a problem that many companies and individuals are facing nowadays. The ERA summer course will provide you with answers. Get to know Brussels Ia, Rome I, Rome II, the European Account Preservation Order, the European Enforcement Order, the European Payment Order, the Small Claims Regulation, the Regulation on service of documents and taking of evidence, and the EU framework on mediation, ADR & ODR – and find out which path best to take!

You will learn:

  • …which court is competent to hear your case
  • …how to serve a judicial document
  • …how to take evidence abroad
  • …to advice on how to enforce a judgment abroad
  • …to apply the recent CJEU case law in the field
  • …which way to choose to recover money owed to your client
  • …to provide guidance on how to efficiently freeze monies in foreign bank accounts
  • …how to best apply the Rome I & II Regulations
  • …what is the added value of ADR & mediation


This course will provide you with hands-on experience on cross-border civil litigation cases and the recent jurisprudence of the European Court of Justice. All relevant EU instruments will be presented and analysed, both by way of lectures and case studies. You will profit from daily workshops where active participation is encouraged.