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French Translation of the CLIP Comment

Professor Jean-Christophe Galloux, one of the CLIP members, made sure that the Group’ message is effectively conveyed to the French-speaking addressees as well. Previously reported text (see

Croatian Article on Choice-of-Law and Choice-of-Court Agreements

Davor Babi? has published an article on the choice-of-court and choice-of-law clauses in the cross-border contracts involving immoveables (“Izbor nadležnog suda i mjerodavnog prava u ugovorima o nekretninama s me?unarodnim obilježjem”) in the July edition of the Croatian monthly journal Pravo i porezi, pp. 47-58. The summary states that the author deals with the contents […]

Two CLIP Articles Published in German Periodicals

The conclusions included in the CLIP papers on Intellectual Property in Brussels I and Rome I Regulations posted on the web site of the Max Planck Institute for Comparative and International Private Law and previously reported at the

Conference: Private International Law in Family Matters

The international conference titled “Family Relations Having an International Element in the Case Law of the States Successors to the Former SFRY and in the European Union” (Obiteljskopravni odnosi s me?unarodnim obilježjem u sudskoj praksi država bivše SFRJ i Europskoj uniji) was held on 26 and 27 October 2006 in Zagreb, Croatia. The conference was […]