Proceeds from the Croatian Arbitration and Conciliation Days Published


Perhaps not as fresh news as possible but still worth noting is the second most recent edition of the Croatian journal Law in Economics, vol 46, no. 2, which brings together some of the proceeds from the 14th Croatian Arbitration and Conciliation Days held on 30 November and 1 December 2006 in the Croatian Chamber of Economy in Zagreb. The number of renewed foreign and Croatian legal experts and practitioners gathered at this annual meeting to present current developments in arbitrations of several legal systems and institutional rules, including Austrian, Croatian, Italian, Serbian and Swiss. The contributions published in the cited journal are as follows:

Krešimir Sajko: On Conciliation as an Alternative Way of Settling Private International Law Disputes – The Existing Situation and the Solutions De Lege Ferenda, pp. 7-18.
Nina Tepeš: Activities and Practice of the Conciliation Centre of the Croatian Chamber of Economy, pp. 19-26.
Mihajlo Dika: Legal Position of Institutional and Ad Hoc Arbitration in Croatian Law De Lege Lata and De Lege Ferenda, pp. 27-37.
Hrvoje Sikiri?, Zagreb Rules and the Arbitration Act in Practice of the Permanent Arbitration Court at the Croatian Chamber of Economy – Selected Issues, pp. 38-70.
Miljenko A. Giunio, Compétence de compétence – A Preliminary Decision or an Award?, pp. 71-89.
Eduard Kunštek, Authority of the ICSID Arbitration Court for Stay of Enforcement of an Award, pp. 60-101.
Aleksandra Magani?, Arbitrability in Non-Contentious Matters, pp. 102-133.
Boris Stani?, Arbitral Settlement of Disputes Arising Out of the Agreements on Association of the Attorneys-at-Law, pp. 133-150.
Gašo Kneževi?, New Serbian Law on Arbitration, pp. 151-161.
Arsen Janevski/Toni Deskoski, Law on International Arbitration in the Republic of Macedonia, pp. 162-177.

The papers by foreign authors will be published in the next edition of the Croatian Arbitration Yearbook.