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Paying Here, Seeking Restitution There.

A negative consequence of the availability of multiple fora in international litigation is the risk of conflicting decisions. Several adjudicators can retain jurisdiction and then reach conflicting, if not opposite, results on the merits. Is it a problem? It could be argued that it is for two different reasons. The first is that the legitimacy […]

A New Mandatory Rule in the French Law of Torts

The French Supreme Court for private and criminal matters (Cour de cassation) has recognised a new mandatory rule in the French law of torts. As a consequence, the Court held that it applied necessarily, and that it was an exception to the applicable choice of law rule, i.e. the law of the place were the […]

The French Like It Delocalized: Lex Non Facit Arbitrum.

Arbitral awards remain delocalized under the French law of international arbitration. They can be recognised and enforced in France irrespective of the decision of the court of the seat of the arbitration to set them aside. F.A. Mann, and many in England are of the opinion that arbitration only exists if the seat of the […]