We hope, in the main, that the capabilities of are fairly self-explanatory. For those unsure of a particular aspect, however, we've put together a short guide on navigating the site successfully:


  • The homepage, located at, is based on "blog" principles; news items and articles, with the newest being at the top, will appear on the homepage as they are posted.


  • Visitors to the site can comment on any news item or article on Simply click on "comments" and (if you've registered on the site [see below] you can discuss the topic with other visitors. The following image shows you where to click in order to make a comment under each respective post:


The menu is located on the left-hand side of the page. It comprises:


  • Does exactly what it says on the tin. You can enter keywords, based on what you're looking for, and then click find. The search engine will find all news items and articles that pertain to your chosen search parameters.



  • Registration (which is free, and easy to do) gives you the opportunity to engage in discussion under each news heading (click on "comments" below the item that you wish to discuss) with other members of the website.


  • "Recent posts" will give you exactly that; it lists the last 8 news items and articles posted on, so you can see at a glance which topics may be of particular interest to you.


  • This gives you access to the "back issues" of; you can search by date (month and year), or by topic (the category the news item/article has been filed under.) Access to all of it is, of course, free.


  • We don't believe in spamming people's inboxes, even when it comes to those who have registered on the site. So, this is a separate function we simply allows you to enter your email address, and you'll then be notified when a new item is posted on


  • Every month, we focus on a new and/or important publication in private international law. Clicking on the image will take you directly to the appropriate page on Amazon UK. You can also click on the "VIEW LIBRARY" link below the image to browse through all the books we have listed.


  • Every site has them, and this one is no different. Links to other sites that we think are particular useful to those interested in private international law.


  • An 8-language translation engine, powered by Google. Clicking on the appropriate flag will start the engine for your chosen language, and you will be returned to the home page after a few moments. The whole site will have been converted into that language. Simply click on the British flag to get back to the default English. 

If you have any questions, or are experiencing difficulties, please contact us.

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