The Japanese Yearbook of International Law (Vol. 66, 2023)


The latest volume (Vol. 66, 2023) of the Japanese Yearbook of International Law (formerly Annual Yearbook of Private International Law) – published by the International Law Association of Japan – has recently been released. It contains the following articles, case notes, and English translations of some court decisions relating to or relevant to private international law.


Yuko Nishitani

Introductory Note (p. 169)

Nami Thea Ohnishi

Nationality and Citizenship in Relation to the Migration Phenomenon (p. 174)

Hirohide Takikawa

Free Movement and Nationality (p. 189)

Kiyoshi Hasegawa

Inclusion and Exclusion of Immigrants and Refugees in Japan: A Preliminary Study (p. 212)

KONDO Atsushi

Human Rights of Non-Citizens and Nationality — The Peculiarities of Japan’s Nationality Legislation from a Comparative Legal Perspective — (p. 245)


Beyond the Concept of “Human Rights of Permanently Domiciled Foreigners” in Japanese Public Law Theory — Taking Seriously of Ambiguity in Nationality in the Age of International Migration — (p. 272)

Yuko Nishitani

Personal Law in Contemporary Private International Law — The Changing Role of Nationality, Citizenship, and Habitual Residence — (p. 295)



Shiho Kato

Dismissal of Proceedings on Account of Special Circumstances Under Article 3-9 of the Japanese Code of Civil Procedure (p. 445)

Ai Murakami

Extraterritorial Application of the Japanese Antimonopoly Act (p. 457)


Judicial Decisions in Japan

  1. Private International Law

Intellectual Property High Court, Judgment, July 20, 2022

Applicable Law — Patent Infringement — Territoriality Principle (p. 561)

Tokyo District Court, Judgment, April 12, 2021

Applicable Law to Tort Liability — Infringement of a Right of Child Custody (p. 565)

Tokyo District Court, Judgment, November 12, 2021

Applicable law — Jurisdiction — Liability of Internet Service Providers (p. 567)

Tokyo District Court, Judgment, March 23, 2022

State Immunity — Unrecognized States — Jurisdiction of the Place of Tort — forum necessitatis — Applicable Law to Tort Liability (p. 569)

Tokyo Family Court, Decision, January 4, 2021

Jurisdiction — Applicable Law — Action to Rebut the Presumption of Child in Wedlock (p. 577)

Tokyo Family Court, Adjudication, January 27, 2021

Applicable law — Jurisdiction — Joint Adoption by a Married Couple with Different Nationalities (p. 580)


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