Localisation of Damages in Private International Law : 30-31 May 2022


Many thanks to Olivera Boskovic and Caroline Kleiner for this post.

Monday 30 and Tuesday 31 May 2022
Paris Cité University

The determination of jurisdiction and applicable law in the field of non-contractual obligations largely depends on the localisation of damage. However, this can prove to be very difficult, or even impossible. What is the current method used by courts? Are there divergent approaches between the EU and non-EU countries?

The conference will tackle these questions by addressing first, the localisation in different sectors (competition law, financial law, product liability, personality rights, intellectual property and environment). The idea, here, is to confront the EU approach with the approach of non EU countries. Second, a series of round tables aim at analyzing whether there are particular influences on the method of localisation depending on various elements relating either to the content of the actions, or to the nature of the legal situation, or in relation to subjective factors.

The conference is convened by Olivera Boskovic and Caroline Kleiner.

Speakers include Laurence Idot, Ugljesa Grusic, Aline Tenenbaum, Dmitriy Galushko, Etienne Farnoux, Veronica Ruiz Abou-Nigm, Ludovic Pailler, Symeon C. Symeonides, Tristan Azzi, Zhengxing Huo, Yuko Nishitani, Sandrine Clavel, François Mailhé, Cyril Nourissat, Yves El Hage, Matthias Lehmann, Sarah Laval, Maude Minois, Pascal de Vareilles-Sommières.

The full programme is here.

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