The Chronology of Practice: Chinese Practice in Private International Law in 2019

He Qisheng, Professor of International Law, Peking University Law School, and Chairman at the Peking University International Economical Law Institute, has published the 7th Survey on Chinese Practice in Private International Law.

This survey contains materials reflecting the practice of Chinese private international law in 2019. First, this paper describes the judiciary’s caseload: Chinese courts decided some 17,000 foreign-related civil and commercial cases, 16,000 maritime cases and 9,648 requests for judicial assistance in 2019. Regarding changes in the statutory framework of private international law, four legislative acts, one set of Regulations and six Supreme People’s Court (SPC) Judicial Interpretations were adopted or amended in 2019 on investment contracts, action preservation in intellectual property, punitive damages, etc. Second, eight typical cases on jurisdictional issues are selected, including jurisdiction clauses, parallel proceedings, and res judicata. Third, seven new representative cases on choice of law relating, in particular, to international transport, force majeure, gambling debts and public order, are examined. Fourth, five cases on the recognition and enforcement of foreign judgments and one SPC Opinion in favour of presumed reciprocity are briefly examined. Finally, this paper also covers seven key cases which reflect the latest development in Chinese private international law on other procedural issues, such as service of process abroad and authentication, and three cases on international arbitration (including the first decision rendered by the China International Commercial Court).

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