Applicable Law and Jurisdictional Agreement in European Union International Family and Succession Law


Dr. Marlene Brosch (Senior Research Fellow at the Max Planck Institute Luxembourg for International, European and Regulatory Procedural Law) recently published a book on Choice of Law Agreements and Jurisdictional Agreements in EU International Family Law and Succession Law.


Here is a brief overview provided by the author:


Choice of Law Agreements and Choice of Court Agreements are fundamental legal instruments in Private International Law, expressing the parties’ autonomy to determine the applicable law and the competent court(s). In the field of Family Law and Succession Law, party autonomy has only recently taken root through the enactment of several EU Regulations that recognise limited party autonomy: Rome III, Brussels II-bis, Maintenance Regulation, Succession Regulation, as well as the Regulations on Matrimonial Property Regimes and Property Regimes of Registered Partnerships.


The book constitutes an in-depth comparison of the rules on party autonomy in the aforementioned legal instruments from a functional and systematic perspective. Special regard is given to the interrelations between applicable law and jurisdiction. This comparative analysis serves as the starting point for
assessing inconsistencies and deficiencies, which further lead to discussing reform proposals for a more coherent normative system.


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