Litigación Internacional en la Unión Europea II – Calvo/Carrascosa/Caamiña


Litigación international en la Unión Europea II- Ley aplicable a los contratos internacionales. Comentario al reglamento Roma I (International litigation in the European Union II. The law applicable to international contracts. Commentary to the Rome I Regulation) represents the second issue of a collection of treatises on European private international law.

The first part discusses the role and impact of the New Lex Mercatoria in international trade, with a comprehensive study of the Rome I Regulation on the law applicable to contractual obligations.

In the second part an analysis of more than one hundred international trade contracts is undertaken, with special attention to the structure of each contract and the applicable law. International sale of goods, countertrade, donations, international loan, agency contracts, factoring, confirming, crowdfunding, consulting, due diligence, leasing, supply, construction, deposit, management, outsourcing, catering, cash-pooling, engineering, guarantee contracts, timesharing, fiduciary contracts, franchising, distribution contracts, bank contracts, stock contracts, company contracts, joint venture and many others contracts are examined from a private international law perspective. The book also incorporates specific chapters on international consumer contracts and international labor contracts. Besides, special attention is paid to international insurance contracts.

The third part of the book addresses the international contracts drafting techniques with a focus on clauses which are usually included therein.

Several annexes with the best case-law in the field of international contracts and the most commonly used clauses complement the book.

Publishers: Thomson Reuters Aranzadi, 2017, 897 pages.

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  1. María Claudia Cevallos Ugarte says:

    Dear Sirs,

    Roma I (International litigation in the European Union II. The law applicable to international contracts. Commentary to the Rome I Regulation, issue 2017 is a very interesting book. With no doubt it is an useful instrument for research. My question is about the possibility to receive it free of cost from the European Union in Spanish or in English languajes. I do my doctoral studies at the Universidad Autónoma, Madrid. My best kind regards, María Claudia.

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