Child & Family Law Quarterly: Special Brexit Issue


Back in March the Child & Family Law Quarterly together with Cambridge Family Law hosted a conference on the impact of Brexit on international family law (see our previous post). Some of the academic papers that were presented at this occasion have now been published in a special Brexit issue of the Child & Family Law Quarterly.

Here is the table of content:

  • Brexit and international family law from a continental perspective, Anatol Dutta
  • Private international law concerning children in the UK after Brexit: comparing Hague Treaty law with EU Regulations, Paul Beaumont
  • Divorcing Europe: reflections from a Scottish perspective on the implications of Brexit for cross-border divorce proceedings, Janeen M Carruthers and Elizabeth B Crawford
  • What are the implications of the Brexit vote for the law on international child abduction?, Nigel Lowe
  • Not a European family: implications of ‘Brexit’ for international family law, Ruth Lamont