First unalex Conference on European international civil procedure


Enhancing cooperation between authors from various Member States

University of Zagreb – 29/30 September 2016

The University of Zagreb is organising a conference on 29/30 September 2016 on European international civil procedure and new approaches concerning European legal information. This conference is part of a project, co-financed by the European Commission and organised by the University of Innsbruck together with the Universities of Genoa, Zagreb, Valencia, Prague and Riga and the legal publisher IPR Verlag.

The objective of the unalex project is the creation of solid multilingual information on the application of the European legal instruments of judicial cooperation in civil matters in the European area of justice and to provide the European legal discussion with an important focus of genuinely European legal literature. The project aims at bringing together authors in the area of European international civil procedure and conflict of laws and promoting techniques of joint legal publishing with the objective of creating forms of multilingual legal literature for readers in the entire European Union.

The conference in Zagreb has two parts:

29 September 2016 – Shaping European legal information – new approaches

Thursday afternoon (14:00-17:30) is dedicated to the development of new approaches concerning the shaping of European legal information. A round table discussion with supreme court judges from various Member States is planned on the subject “European Leading Cases series – a project to be developed?”. Furthermore innovative strategies for the development of European legal literature and the possible enhancement of cross-border cooperation of European legal authors will be discussed.

30 September 2016 – European international civil procedure – a system in the making

The second day (9:30 – 13:99) will host a conference on “European international civil procedure – a system in the making”. It will discuss common lines of European civil procedure that evolve throughout the multitude of EU civil procedure regulations. The conference will be chaired by Prof. Hrovje Sikiri?, University of Zagreb, and Prof. Andreas Schwartze, University of Innsbruck.


Prof. Rainer Hausmann, Munich – The European system of international civil procedure

Prof. Matthijs ten Wolde, University of Groningen – Third State relations

Prof. Davor Babi?, University of Zagreb – Scope of application (in particular temporal scope)

Dr. Susanne Gössl, University of Bonn – The role of public policy in the European civil justice system

Prof. Vesna Rijavec, University of Maribor – European enforcement of judgments

Dr. Eva Lein, British Institute of International and Comparative Law – Exiting an ever closer system – consequences of Brexit

Prof. Erich Kodek, Wirtschaftsuniversität Vienna, Judge Austrian Supreme Court – Horizontal harmonisation of instruments of European civil procedure – towards a European Code of Civil Procedure?

Participation to the conference is free of charge.

For additional information and registration please contact Ms Sara Ricci at IPR Verlag GmbH: