Conference: New Families – International Trends and Legal Recognition in Italy (Milan, 23 May 2016)


UniMIThe University of Milan will host on 23 May 2016 a conference on “New Families – International Trends and Legal Recognition in Italy“. The event will be structured in three parts: the first two sessions will look into changing family patterns in Europe and the US, respectively, while in the third one a round table will focus on legal recognition in Italy of new families.

Here’s the programme (available as a .pdf file):

9.00 Welcoming addresses

  • Gianluca Vago (Rector, University of Milan)
  • Maria Elisa D’Amico (University of Milan)
  • Ilaria Viarengo (University of Milan)

9.30: I Session –  Changing family patterns: European Trends

  • Chair: Stefania Bariatti (University of Milan)
  • Katharina Boele-Woelki (Bucerius Law School, Hamburg): New families: fundamental issues
  • Angelika Fuchs (ERA, Academy of European Law): Registered partnerships: crossing borders
  • Patrizia De Luca (DG Justice, Civil Justice Policy Unit): The EU proposal on the property consequences of registered partnerships

11.15: II Session – Changing family patterns: USA Trends

  • Suzanne Goldberg (Columbia University): Transforming Family Law in the United States: Multidimensional Advocacy and Social Change.
  • Yasmine Ergas (Columbia University): From marriage to gender: pathways to equality

14.30: III Session – Round table on “New families: Legal Recognition in Italy”

  • Monica Cirinnà (Italian Senate, Rapporteur of the proposed regulation of civil unions in Italy)
  • Ivan Scalfarotto (Italian Chamber of Deputies, Vice-minister of economic development)
  • Annibale Marini (President Emeritus of the Italian Constitutional Court)
  • Marilisa D’Amico (University of Milan)
  • Ilaria Viarengo (University of Milan)

17.30: Closing remarks

  • Stefania Bariatti (University of Milan)

(Many thanks to Prof Ilaria Viarengo for the tip-off)

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  1. Andrey Zuev says:

    Dear Sirs,

    As i am teaching international private law in Spb university and also practice International family law in Russia I would be very grateful if it was possible possible to have an e-mail access to the presentations of the participants.


    Andrey E. Zuev

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