Essays in Honour of Professor Emeritus Spyridon Vrellis


VrellisEssays in Honour of Professor Emeritus Spyridon Vrellis, a long-term affiliate of the University of Athens, are issued under the title In Search for Justice. The volume contains an extensive curriculum vitae and bibliography of Professor Vrellis. It also includes 71 paper in four languages (Greek, French, English and German). According to the official information from the publisher, the contributors are:

Adamopoúlou P., Basedow J., Bogdan M., Borrás A., Voúlgaris I., Burian L., Yeoryiádis Ap., Gkórtsos Khr., Cordero J. Sanchez, Davrádos N., Deliyiánni-Dimitrákou Khr., Delikostópoulos I., Doúnga Al., Koumplí V., Drillerákis I., Dintjer Tebbens H., Dorís Ph., Frank R., Gaudemet-Tallon H., Grammaticaki-Alexiou A., Hartley T., Jessurun D?Olivira H. U., Kaïsis A., Karayiannis S., Karampatzós A., Katiphóris N., Kiraly M., Klamarís N., Kondíli I., Kotsíris L., Kourákis N., Kríspis I., Lagarde P., Lando O., Lipp V., Mantákou Á., Meeusen J., Meïdánis Kh., Moura Ramos R. M., Moustaïra E., Nafziger, J., Özsunay E., Pampoúkis Kh., Panópoulos G., Papadélli A., Papadopoúlou-Klamarí D., Papanikoláou P., Papasiópi-Pasiá Z., Pataut E., Pauknerová M., Pvifver M., Pelleni A., Pintens W., Poúlou E., Rethimiotáki E., Siehr K., Stathópoulos M., Stamatiádis D., Stribis I., Sturm F., Sturm G., Symeonides S., Sotiropoúlou M., Tagarás Kh., Tadaki M., Tarman Zeynep D., Tzákas D. -P., Tsavdarídis A., Tsevás A., Tsikrikás D., Tsoúka Khr., Vassilakakis E., Khristodoúlou K. and Zervoyiánni E.

Many contemporary topics on private international law are examined in the published papers. These are the contents (for which I thank Professor Vassilakakis) and other information about the Essays are available here.

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  1. James A.R. Nafziger says:

    Please note that in the list of authors, my name is badly misspelled. It is “Nafziger, J.”, not “Navziyer, J.” Can you please correct the spelling?

  2. Martin George says:

    James: no problem, I’ve corrected it here. I’m sure Ivana simply copied the list of authors from the publisher, so you may want to double-check their website/catalogue too.

  3. Juancho Pons says:

    Dear Sirs,

    I am trying to get this book for one customer in Spain, but I haven’t been able to find the website of the publisher. Can you please let me know where I can buy this book? Thanks for your help

  4. Georgia says:

    Dear Mr Pons,

    The book is published by Nomiki Vivliothiki (
    You may find the book at:
    You have the possibility to place an order online or by phone. However, ? am afraid that the website is only in Greek.
    In any case, you can contact the publisher at +30 210 36 78 800 and ask for more information.
    I hope this can be of some help.

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