Van Calster on European Private International Law


Geert Van Calster, Professor at the University of Leuven, authored a new text book on European Private International Law t has just been published:  Geert Van Calster, European Private International Law, Hart Publishing 2013 (382 pages). This book is a valuable addition to the existing text books on European Private International Law. It focuses on those instruments and developments that are most important in the commercial area.

The blurb reads:

Usable both as a student textbook and as a general introduction for legal professionals, European Private International Law is designed to reflect the reality of legal practice throughout the EU. The private international law of the Member States is increasingly regulated by the EU, making private international law ever less ‘national’ and ever more EU based. Consequently, EU law in this area has penetrated national law to a very high degree, making it an essential area of study and an area of increasing importance to practising lawyers throughout the EU. This book provides a thorough overview of core European PIL, including the Brussels I, Rome I and Rome II Regulations (jurisdiction, applicable law for contracts and tort), while additional chapters deal with PIL and insolvency, freedom of establishment and corporate social responsibility.

More information is available here.