Wautelet on Cross-Border Same Sex Relationships


Patrick R. Wautelet, University of Liege, has posted “Cross-Border Same Sex Relationships – Private International Law Aspects” on SSRN. The paper can be downloaded here. The abstract reads as follows:

In this paper I attempt to give an overview of the private international law rules pertaining to same sex relationships (marriages and partnerships) in Europe, in order to examine whether there exists a consensus among the countries concerned, what are the difficulties arising out of the lack of consensus and how these difficulties can best be tackled. This paper has been presented at a conference (ERA-Trier) in 2011. It has been published in a book together with the other reports to the conference (Boele Woelki/Fuchs, Legal Recognition of Same-Sex Relationships in Europe – national, cross-border and European perspectives, Intersentia, 2012).

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