Publication book Civil Litigation in a Globalising World


The book Civil Litigation in a Globalising World, providing a unique compilation of 19 papers by international experts on comparative and international civil litigation, has just been released. It is edited by X.E. (Xandra) Kramer, Professor of Private International Law and European Civil Procedure at Erasmus School of Law (Rotterdam) and C.H. (Remco) van Rhee, Professor of European Legal History and Comparative Civil Procedure at Maastricht University, and published by T.M.C. Asser Press/Springer (2012).

This book discusses the globalisation and harmonisation of civil procedure from various angles, including fundamental (international) principles of civil justice, legal history, Law and Economics and (European) policy. Attention is also paid to the interaction with private international law and private law (Part I: Different perspectives on globalisation and harmonisation). European and global projects that aim at the harmonisation of civil procedure or provide guidelines for the fair and efficient adjudication of justice are discussed in a subsequent part of the book (Part II: Harmonisation in a European and global context). The volume further includes contributions that focus on globalisation and harmonisation of civil procedure from the viewpoint of eight national jurisdictions (Part III: National approaches to globalisation and harmonisation).

The book is the result of a conference held at Erasmus University Rotterdam, the Netherlands, in 2010 (see also our previous post).

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