Le Règlement Européen sur les Successions et la Planification Patrimoniale en Suisse


Although the European Regulation No 650/2012 is not applicable in Switzerland, it can hardly be ignored by Swiss professionals working in the field. The Centre de droit comparé, européen et international of the  University of Lausanne has organised a workshop to discuss the implications of this text in the relations between Switzerland and some neighboring countries (Germany, France, Italy). It will take place on  January 25, 2013. Prof. Andrea Bonomi, Patrick Wautelet, Angelo Davì, Domenico Damascelli, and Robert Danon, will share the stage with experts of the notarial world, such as Dr. Mariel Revillard, Rembert Süß, Paolo Pasqualis or Pascal Julien Saint-Amand.

The number of places is limited; registration before January 9, 2013, is recommended. For the complete programme and further information click here.