A Framework for European Private International Law


Under the leadership of our co-editor Xandra Kramer a group of European experts (consisting of Michiel de Rooij, Vesna Lasic, Lisette Frohn, Richard Blauwhoff, all from the Netherlands; Paul Beaumont, United Kingdom; Agnieszka Frackowiak-Adamska, Poland; Franciso Garcimartin, Spain; Jan von Hein, Germany; Miklos Kiraly, Hungary; Ulla Liukkunen, Finland) has carried out a study for the European Parliament on “A framework for European private international law: current gaps and future perspectives”.

The full study can be downloaded here. The abstract reads as follows:

This report identifies the gaps that exist in the current European framework of private international law and suggests a road map towards a more comprehensive codification of EU private international law. For the time being, legislative efforts should be directed at creating separate instruments for well-defined problems of private international law. The fruits of these efforts could in the long-term be combined in a code of EU private international law.

A short briefing note, authored by Xandra Kramer, is available here.

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