Book on the Brussels I Review Proposal


A new book on the Brussels I Review Proposal was just published. It is edited by Eva Lein, who is the Herbert Smith Senior Research Fellow in Private International Law at the British Institute for International and Comparative Law.

The Brussels I Review Proposal Uncovered includes the following contributions:

Foreword: The Right Hon the Lord Mance

1.     The Brussels I Review Proposal – An Overview (Pamela Kiesselbach)

2.     A Neverending Story? Arbitration and Brussels I: The Recast (Jonathan Harris and Eva Lein)

3.     The Application of the Brussels I Regulation to Defendants Domiciled in Third States: From the EGPIL Proposal to the Commission Proposal (Alegría Borrás)

4.     The Brussels I Regulation in the International Legal Order: Some Reflections on Reflectiveness (AlexanderLayton)

5.     Choice Of Court Agreements in the Review Proposal for the Brussels I Regulation (Ulrich Magnus)

6.     Lis Pendens and Third States: The Commission’s Proposed Changes to the Brussels I Regulation (Pippa Rogerson)

7.     The Proposed Recast of Rules on Provisional Measures under the Brussels I Regulation (Michael Bogdan)

8.     Free Movement of Judgments in the EU: Knock Down the Walls but Mind the Ceiling (Andrew Dickinson)

9.     The Brussels I Review Proposal: Challenges for the Lugano Convention? (Andreas Furrer)

10.  Protection Against the Abuse of Law in the Brussels I Review Proposal? (Luboš Tichý)

11.  The Revision of the Brussels I Regulation: A View from the Hague Conference (Marta Pertegas)

As announced earlier, a book launch reception will take place on June 27 at the BIICL.