Book: Feraci, “L’ordine pubblico nel diritto dell’Unione europea”


Ornella Feraci (Univ. of Siena) has recently published “L’ordine pubblico nel diritto dell’Unione europea” (The public policy in EU Law) (Giuffrè, 2012). An abstract has been kindly provided by the author (the complete table of contents is available on the publisher’s website):

The work aims to examine one of the classic topic of private international law in the perspective of the European Union law under the two aspects of applicable law and recognition and enforcement of foreign decisions. Through the analysis of the case-law of the Court of Justice of the European Union and of the most recent instruments of private international law of the Union, it comes to identify a new concept of “public policy of the European Union”, which intends to protect the fundamental principles of European Union law; the book investigates the characteristics of the exception, trying to identify the functions, the relations with national public policy of the Member States and, as far as possible, the content.

Title: “L’ordine pubblico nel diritto dell’Unione europea“, by Ornella Feraci, Giuffrè (series: Collana di Studi del Dipartimento di Diritto pubblico dell’Università di Siena), 2012, XVI – 463 pages.

ISBN: 9788814173394. Price: EUR 50. Available at Giuffrè.