Buxbaum on Reception of Conflict Conventions in the U.S.


Hannah Buxbaum, who is a professor of law at the University of Indiana in Bloomington, has posted Conflict of Laws Conventions and Their Reception in National Legal Systems: Report for the United States on SSRN.

This is the U.S. national report on “Conflict of Laws Conventions and Their Reception in National Legal Systems,” prepared for the Intermediate Congress of the International Academy of Comparative Law held in 2008. The report discusses the various mechanisms for implementation of conflict-of-laws conventions in the United States: through federal legislation, federal rulemaking and state legislation. It reviews the conflict-of-laws conventions to which the United States is party (including in the areas of family law and litigation procedure), as well as recent case-law under those conventions. It also examines relevant aspects of U.S. law on treaties, discussing the issue of self-executing versus non-self executing treaties within the particular context of private law conventions.