Special Issue Rome II Nederlands Internationaal Privaatrecht


The latest issue of the Dutch PIL journal Nederlands Internationaal Privaatrecht (2008, no. 4 – published in December) is dedicated to the Rome II Regulation. It includes the following eleven contributions:

M. Wilderspin, The Rome II Regulation; Some policy observations, p. 408-413

Xandra Kramer, The Rome II Regulation on the Law Applicable to Non-Contractual Obligations: The European private international law tradition continued. Introductory observations, scope, system, and general rules, p. 414-424

Thomas Kadner Graziano, The Rome II Regulation and the Hague Conventions on Traffic Accidents and Product Liability – Interaction, conflicts and future perspectives, p. 425-429

Andreas Schwartze, A European regime on international product liability: Article 5 Rome II Regulation, p. 430-334

Timo Rosenkranz and Eva Rohde, The law applicable to non-contractual obligations arising out of acts of unfair competition and acts restricting free competition under Article 6 Rome II Regulation, p. 435-439

Dick van Engelen, Rome II and intellectual property rights: Choice of law brought to a standstill, p. 440-448

Aukje van Hoek, Stakingsrecht in de Verordening betreffende het recht dat van toepassing is op niet-contractuele verbintenissen (Rome II) , p. 449-455 (includes English abstract)

Stephen Pitel, Choice of law for unjust enrichment: Rome II and the common law , p. 456-463

Bart Volders, Culpa in contrahendo in the conflict of laws: A first appraisal of Article 12 of the Rome II Regulation, p. 464

Herman Boonk, De betekenis van Rome II voor het zeerecht, p. 469-480 (includes English abstract)

Tomas Arons, ‘All roads lead to Rome’: Beware of the consequences! The law applicable to prospectus liability claims under the Rome II Regulation, p. 481-487

In case you are interested in contributing to this journal, please contact Xandra Kramer (kramer@frg.eur.nl) (editor-in-chief).