English Book on the Rome I Regulation



Will the new Rome I Regulation meet its goals

  • to improve the predictability of the outcome of litigation?
  • to bring certainty as to the law applicable and the free movement of judgments?
  • to designate the same national law irrespective of the country of the court in which an action is brought?

Edited by Prof. S. Leible (University of Bayreuth) and F. Ferrari (University of Verona), the joint-first English book on the Rome I Regulation is conceived to address these issues. To do so it collects the papers submitted to the conference “The Rome I Regulation”, held in Verona on March 2009 (see post by Martin George), where the most important features of the Rome Regulation (party autonomy; contracts concerning intellectual property rights; contracts of carriage; consumer contracts; employment contracts; set off; mandatory rules; public policy…) were outlined and discussed by distinguished legal experts all over Europe and beyond.

You can view pricing and the table of contents on the Sellier website.

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  1. Alex Layton says:

    Delighted as I am to see Prof Leible and Ferrari’s book come out, I don’t think it can be called the “first English book on the Rome I Regulation”. I think that Sir Richard Plender and Michael Wilderspin can claim priority with “The Private International Law of Obligations” (3rd edition), published in August, which covers both the Rome I and Rome II Regulations. (amazon has its title wrong, referriung to the Rome Convention).

  2. Martin George says:

    Marta: I have tweaked (hope you don’t mind), so that it says ‘joint-first’. I’ve also added a link to the book on the Sellier website, so people can purchase it as an Xmas pressie if they so wish.

    Alex: I shall post an item on the Plender & Wilderspin book over the holidays – thanks for reminding me. All I need to do now is obtain a copy of it…

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