Swiss Institute of Comparative Law: Conference on Rome I Regulation


Institut Suisse de Droit ComparéOn Friday, 14th March, the 20th Journée de droit international privé, organised by the Swiss Institute of Comparative Law (ISDC) and the University of Lausanne (Center of Comparative Law, European Law and Foreign Legislations), will analyse the new Rome I Regulation, whose final adoption is expected in one of the first Council’s sessions in early 2008 (see our previous post here).

Here’s a short presentation of the programme (our translation from French):

20e Journée de droit international privé

“The new Rome I regulation on the law applicable to contractual obligations” (Le nouveau règlement européen ‘Rome I’ relatif à la loi applicable aux obligations contractuelles)

Introductory remarks: Walter Stoffel (University of Fribourg) – The 20th anniversary of the “Journées de droit international privé” and award of the “Prix Alfred E. von Overbeck” of the ISDC.

First Session: General Aspects (Généralités)

Chair: Andrea Bonomi (University of Lausanne)

  • Michael Wilderspin (European Commission): The new “Rome I” regulation: the European Commission’s point of view (Le nouveau règlement “Rome I”: point de vue de la Commission européenne);
  • Eva Lein (ISDC): The new synergy Rome I/Rome II/Brussels I (La nouvelle synergie Rome I/Rome II/Bruxelles I);
  • Caroline Nicholas (UNCITRAL, Wien): Relationships with international conventions: UNCITRAL/The Hague/Unidroit (Les relations avec le droit conventionnel: CNUDCI/La Haye/Unidroit).

Second Session: Basic Principles (Principes de base)

Chair: Peter Mankowski (University of Hamburg)

  • Stefan Leible (University of Bayreuth): Choice of applicable law (Le choix de la loi applicable);
  • Bertrand Ancel (University of Paris I): Law applicable in the absence of choice (La loi applicable à défaut de choix).

Third Session: Some Special Contracts (Quelques contrats particuliers)

Chair: Bertrand Ancel (University of Paris I)

  • Helmut Heiss (University of Zurich): Insurance contracts (Les contrats d’assurance);
  • Peter Mankowski (University of Hamburg): Consumer contracts (Les contrats conclus par les consommateurs);
  • Francisco J. Garcimartin Alférez (University of Madrid ‘Rey Juan Carlos’): Contracts on financial instruments (Les contrats portant sur des instruments financiers).

Fourth Session: Specific mechanisms (Mécanismes spécifiques)

Chair: Stefan Leible (University of Bayreuth)

  • Eleanor Cashin Ritaine (Director, ISDC): Assignment, subrogation and set-off (La cession de créance, la subrogation et la compensation)
  • Andrea Bonomi (University of Lausanne): Lois de police and public policy (Les lois de police et l’ordre public)

Concluding remarks: Tito Ballarino (University of Padova) – Emerging of new values and filling loopholes (Emergence de nouvelles valeurs et comblement des lacunes).

The conference will be held in French, German and English (no translation is provided).

For the detailed programme and further information (including fees), see the ISDC website and the downloadable leaflet. An online registration form is available.

(Many thanks to Prof. Giulia Rossolillo – University of Pavia – for the tip-off, and to Béatrice Angehrn – ISDC – for providing additional information on the conference)

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