Article: Jurisdiction for Insolvency-Related Proceedings


Anatol Dutta (Hamburg) has written an article on the German reference for a preliminary ruling in Seagon v. Deko Marty Belgium NV (Case C-339/07): Jurisdiction for insolvency-related proceedings caught between European legislation, Lloyd’s Maritime and Commercial Law Quarterly (LMCLQ) 2008, p. 88-96.

Here is the abstract:

The stock of European legislation in the area of private international law is growing steadily. The pointillist technique employed by the European legislator, however, necessarily entails friction between the different legislative acts. One illustrative example, which shall be examined in this article, concerns jurisdiction for insolvency-related proceedings. Such individual proceedings which derive directly from the bankruptcy and are closely connected to collective insolvency proceedings could be governed by different European regulations or even by national law.

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