Conference: International Law Association Conference 2008


The 73rd. Conference of the International Law Association, hosted by its Brazilian Branch, will take place in the city of Rio de Janeiro, at the InterContinental Hotel, August 17-21 2008. The central theme of the Conference will be “Law for the Future,” focusing on Natural Resources and Sustainable Development, Rights of the Human Person, Resolution of Private International Disputes, Business and Trade Law, and International Security. Regarding International Private Dispute Resolution, two issues will be addressed:

International Commercial Arbitration

  • International Arbitration: Autonomy v. Territorialism
  • Public Policy and Mandatory Rules: Influence on the Applicable Law
  • The Influence of Cultural Factors on the Choice of the Arbitrator
  • Distortions in Contemporary Arbitration: The Problems of Becoming Popular

International Civil Litigation

  • Towards World Cooperation Standards: Prospects for the Hague Convention
  • The Realities of Regional Judicial Cooperation: Existing Experiences

Registration for the 73rd ILA Biennial Conference is open here.