Scots Rules of Private International Law Concerning Homosexual Couples


Janeen Carruthers (Glasgow University) has written a piece in the latest issue of the Electronic Journal of Comparative Law on “Scots Rules of Private International Law Concerning Homosexual Couples” (December 2006). Here’s the abstract:

In this report, Dr Carruthers outlines the Scots rules of private international law concerning civil partnership, as contained in the Civil Partnership Act 2004, Parts 3 and 5. The report includes treatment of such topics as: the constitution of civil partnerships (including the question of legal capacity to enter into such a relationship); the dissolution of civil partnerships (including the jurisdiction of the Scottish courts to grant dissolutions, and issues of choice of law); the recognition in Scotland of foreign decrees of civil partnership dissolution, annulment and legal separation; and the property consequences attendant upon registration of a civil partnership. The author also addresses conflict of laws issues pertaining to de facto (as opposed to de iure) cohabitation (including analysis of the relevant provisions of the Family Law (Scotland) Act 2006), and same sex marriage.

You can download the article from here.

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  1. lawmoldova says:

    the homosexual problem is very acute now in europe, i think because of the countries that accept gaye marriage and so on. and this new article will give a certain order in this problem, in my opinion every state should elaborate a legal act on this problem

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