Insolvency Proceedings and Shareholdings: When is a Foreign Judgment not a Judgment?


Chee Ho Tham has written an casenote in the latest issue of the Lloyd’s Maritime & Commercial Law Quarterly on “Insolvency proceedings and shareholdings: when is a foreign judgment not a judgment?” (L.M.C.L.Q. 2007, 2(May), 129-136). Here’s the abstract:

Comments on the Privy Council judgment in Cambridge Gas Transport Corp v Official Committee of Unsecured Creditors of Navigator Holdings Plc on whether a US bankruptcy ruling could be enforced against a Cayman Islands corporation which owned shares in an Isle of Man holding company. Discusses whether the US plan of reorganisation was a judgment in rem or in personam or was a judgment at all, for the purposes of enforcement in the Isle of Man.

Available to those with a subscription to the LMCLQ (not available online, unfortunately.)

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